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Arsenal beaten by Man City in transfer race for 17-year-old Yan Couto of Coritiba in £5m deal

Von: Joe Miles

MANCHESTER CITY have won the race to sign Brazilian starlet Yan Couto, according to reports.

The Coritiba star, 17, attracted interest from the likes of Barcelona and Arsenal during the January transfer window.

Arsenal were reportedly in talks over a move for the 17-year-old
Getty Images - Getty

Brazilian news outlet Gazeta do Povo report that City have reached a £5million agreement for the defender.

But Couto will not make the move to the Premier League until he turns 18 in the summer.

Coritiba will not be entitled to a percentage of his future transfer fees, but could pocket an extra £5million in performance bonuses.

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The 17-year-old – nicknamed The Flash because of his lightning speed – was heavily linked to Arsenal last month.

Reports claimed that the Gunners had opened talks over a move for the in-demand defender this summer.

Barcelona and German giants Bayer Leverkusen had also indicated their interest in the youngster.



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Couto was part of the Brazil squad that won the Under-17 World Cup in 2019 for the first time since 2003.

He created more chances in the tournament than any other player and he set up the winning goal three minutes into added time to help them beat Mexico 2-1.

The speedy defender has progressed through the ranks at Coritiba since he joined his hometown club at the age of nine.





Mrs Hinch overcome with emotion as she reveals she’s been brutally trolled over her weight

MRS Hinch was left overcome with emotion as she revealed she’s been brutally trolled over her weight.

The much-loved social media star got candid with her 3.1 million Instagram followers during a Q&A session.

Mrs Hinch was overcome with emotion as she revealed she’s been brutally trolled over her weight.

Opening up, she told fans how you can “never win” against cruel trolls.

The mum-of-one was answering the questions she often gets asked in her DMs.

She revealed her favourite thing about Instagram was that it makes her realise “we’re not alone”.

She explained how much she appreciates the tags and how they “me smile so much, it makes me want to scream. I’ll never get used to it, I’m very grateful”.

The social media star got candid with her 3.1 million Instagram followers

But then things took a more emotional turn when she addressed the darker side of the social media network.

Talking about her least favourite element about the ‘Gram, the 30-year-old explained: “For me it is obviously the trolling, and seeing things that you think you should be or should be looking like.

“Prime example, I have been overweight, I have actually been underweight. And at this moment I’m where I should be according to whatever but I still get trolled now for my size..and everything.”

Sophie revealed she has been both overweight and underweight
Rex Features
Mrs Hinch had a gastric band fitted at the age of 21

Mrs Hinch – real name Sophie Hinchcliffe – then told her followers defiantly: “All I want to say is it’s never going to be right for those trolls so don’t even try and please them.

“Don’t do it, they’re not worth it, you’ll never win. Just do you.”

Her emotionally charged response may not come as a surprise to her devoted fans who have followed her stunning transformation.

Back in January, she shocked followers by revealing her dramatic weight loss as part of the 10 Year Challenge that was sweeping social media.

The star says she is now at her ideal weight but that trolls will never be satisfied

The Queen of Clean had previously told The Mail on Sunday’s You magazine how she piled on the pounds in her late teens.

She said after leaving home and passing her driving test, she’d regularly hop in the car to get takeaways at McDonald’s drive-thrus.

She said: “Before I knew it, I was eating for what felt like eating’s sake. I was getting pizzas and deliveries. I love food, even now.”

Mrs Hinch revealed that shopping became a struggle, and she wore baggy clothes as much as possible to “fit in”.

Mrs Hinch shares son Ronnie with husband Jamie

She ended up hitting rock bottom when she couldn’t fit in a ride at a fairground and said: “It hit me… the stares, the way people look at you.”

Desperate to change the way she looked, the part-time hairdresser took out a loan for £6,000 and got the gastric band fitted at the age of 21– but it ended up being disastrous after it moved up her body and got lodged in her oesophagus.

Sophie regrets having done it in the first place, and said: “The surgery works for some people. But for me, if I had known the complications and the risks, I wouldn’t have done it.”

Although she did experience a dramatic eight-stone weight loss while the band was fitted correctly, she was left with excess skin on her arms, and had an operation in 2016 to remove it.

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She added: “Body shaming angers me, because even if you lose the weight you never forget the comments. I’m still not 100 per cent confident with my body but I’m getting there.”

Today, Sophie is proactive in fighting against trolls, though clearly they still have the ability to affect her.

In other Mrs Hinch news, we told you about her ‘1.2k a night’ Disneyland trip for her 30th birthday.

And she shared her everyday make-up routine – including a £8.99 Maybelline concealer.

She also shared her genius trick for washing filthy beauty blenders – and all you need is a sock and a hairband.

Gerichtsstreit um "Star Cititzen": Cloud Imperium Games und Crytek einigen sich

Im Gerichtsstreit um "Star Citizen" haben Crytek und Cloud Imperium Games eine außergerichtliche EInigung erzielt. Das Verfahren soll eingestellt werden.

Coronavirus in Italien - Was Urlauber jetzt wissen müssen

Italien ist ein beliebtes Reiseziel im Frühling. Doch das Coronavirus versetzt das Land in Alarmbereitschaft - und damit auch Touristen. Worauf müssen sie sich einstellen?

LTE-Lücke: Forscher nehmen Identität von beliebigen Handy-Besitzern an

Aufgrund einer fehlenden Prüfung könnten Angreifer sich gegenüber einem Provider mit dem Smartphone eines Opfers ausweisen und so etwa Abos abschließen.

Dad admits he’s addicted to tattoos after getting 99% of body inked despite wife begging him not to

A TATTOO-obsessed dad has left just one part of his body unadorned – his privates.

“Friendly giant” Brett Cross, 43, has spent hundreds of hours under the needle to cover 99 per cent of his body in tats, despite his wife begging him to stop.

Brett Cross got his first tattoo to honour his wife in New South Wales, Australia
A tat-free Brett before his dramatic transformation

In a first-person piece for That’s Life, the man described as “Australia’s most tattooed dad” admits he’s addicted to the skin art after getting 99 per cent of his body inked.

The Charleys Forest, New South Wales, dad got his first tat – his partner’s name, Dorothy – emblazoned across his lower back, to “show how much I loved her”.

Next to be inked were both of his shoulders, his left with a tribal design, while his right one soon sported a woman.

But his tattooist advised him to, “go big or go home”.

So, he told Dorothy he planned to get “covered” – after he’d been etched with a “huge sprawling dragon on the left side of my ribs”.

Gradually, he added a “stunning angel on my back”.

This was followed by Japanese anime girls on his right leg, and a giant dragon down his left leg.

It took a whopping 150 hours to cover both limbs.

Cross told the Brisbane Times last year that 99 per cent of his body is covered in ink
Brisbane Times
The dad-of-two lives in New South Wales, Australia

Dorothy baulked, however, when Brett said he wanted to “do my head and face”.

She replied: “No, it’s not happening.”

But, he went ahead with having his head and face covered in colourful designs, including a tiger.

He wrote: “The pain wasn’t different to other body parts, but the vibrations of the machine on my scalp did feel strange.”

Even his ears were inked.

His private parts are a no-go area for his tattoo artist for now, though, as Brett says that Dorothy remains “a little apprehensive about that”.

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And when he wanders through the shops in his hometown, people do “sometimes stare, but I love it”.

Dorothy said that she “loves him” and “doesn’t care how he looks”.

Describing him as a “friendly giant”, she added that she shrugs off any stares when out shopping, as “I’m oblivious to it now”.

His wife, Dorothy, is ‘used to people staring’ and doesn’t care about others’ reactions
Australian Brett Cross is addicted to tats
Brisbane Times
The dad-of-two said his tattoo artist told him ‘go big or go home’
Brisbane Times
He has no fear of getting his penis tattooed – as he believes it couldn’t be more painful than getting his palms inked

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Dornbirn in Österreich: Elfjährige stirbt offenbar an Stromschlag Österreich in der Badewanne

In Österreich hat sich ein tödliches Unglück ereignet: Ein Mädchen starb zu Hause in der Badewanne. Die Polizei fand eindeutige Indizien für die Ursache.

Global Stocks Plummet Over Coronavirus Concerns

U.S. markets were expected to start the week sharply lower, following a sell-off of shares in Europe after more infections were confirmed outside China.

Workers disinfecting a market in Seoul, South Korea, on Monday.

‘America Loves India,’ Trump Declares at Rally With Modi

President Trump was feted with music, dancers and more than 100,000 cheering attendees — if not the 10 million he says he was promised.

More than 100,000 people cheered First Lady Melania Trump, President Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Ahmedabad, India, on Monday.

Corona-Ausbruch in Italien: Sechstes Todesopfer bestätigt

Militär mit Mundschutz vor der geschlossenen Kathedrale in Mailand | Bildquelle: REUTERS

In Italien ist die Zahl der Toten durch das Coronavirus auf sechs gestiegen. Mehr als 200 Menschen sind infiziert. Die Regierung ergriff drastische Maßnahmen gegen die Ausbreitung - und einige Nachbarländer ebenfalls. [mehr]

Meldung bei lesen

Apple, Microsoft, Amazon - Platzt die Blase? Warum Investoren die Technologie-Aktien genau im Auge behalten müssen

US-Technologieaktien wie Apple, Microsoft und Facebook haben den S&P500 in den vergangenen Jahren auf immer neue Rekordhochs getrieben. Wegen der Furcht vor den Folgen der Corona-Pandemie knicken nun aber die Titel aus dem Sektor ein. Das könnte für eine Trendwende nach unten am gesamten Aktienmarkt sorgen.Von Autor Egmond Haidt

Polizei darf Handys nicht kontrollieren - Blitzer-Apps jetzt illegal - doch es gibt ein Schlupfloch für Autofahrer

Die Straßenverkehrsordnung wurde verschärft, es gibt höherer Bußgelder und schneller Fahrverbote. Blitzer-Apps sind jetzt komplett verboten. Aber was heißt das genau? Rechtsexperte Michael Winter klärt auf.Von FOCUS-Online-Experte Michael Winter

"Bloß keine AfD!" – Hamburger äußern sich zum Wahlergebnis (Video)

Die SPD fiel zwar um fast 7 Prozentpunkte auf 39 Prozent der Stimmen ab, aber hingegen dem Bundestrend ist das geradezu eine passable Leistung der Sozialdemokraten. Die Grünen konnten ihr Ergebnis etwa verdoppeln. Die Partei um Spitzenkandidatin Katharina Fegebank wird in einer neuen Koalition sicher mehr Macht einfordern.

Eingebüßt haben CDU, FDP und AfD. Besonders die leichten Verluste der Alternative wurden in Hamburg großflächig bejubelt.

Mehr zum Thema - Wegen Panne bei Auszählung: FDP verliert Stimmen

Berliner Unis müssen Ballungsraumzulage selbst finanzieren

Das Land will kein Geld geben, damit auch die Hochschulen ihren Beschäftigten die Ballungsraumzulage zahlen können. Das stellt die Finanzverwaltung klar.

Bode Miller und Morgan Miller über die Hausgeburt: "Ihr braucht einen starken Magen"

Vor knapp vier Monaten brachte Sportlerin Morgan Miller Zwillinge zur Welt. Nun beschrieb sie gemeinsam mit Ehemann Bode Miller auf Instagram, wie die Geburt ablief - in allen Einzelheiten.

AfD-Landtagsvizepräsident verhindert Debatte über Rechtsterror im Parlament

Der Landtag von Brandenburg sollte sich in der nächsten Sitzung mit Rechtsterrorismus beschäftigen. AfD-Politiker Andreas Galau sperrte sich dagegen.

Tyson Fury wants Deontay Wilder trilogy fight to take place at Raiders Stadium in Las Vegas in snub to UK

TYSON FURY wants the Deontay Wilder rematch to take place at the 70,000 capacity Oakland Raiders Stadium.

British boxing fans are hoping the newly-crowned WBC heavyweight champ has a blockbuster homecoming fight.

Tyson Fury fancies having the Deontay Wilder rematch at the Oakland Raiders Stadium
Richard Pelham
Judging by Tyson Fury’s worldwide following, the 70,000 capacity stadium should fill out

But speaking in the aftermath of his seventh-round destruction of the previously undefeated Wilder, Fury confirmed he wants the trilogy clash in the US.

The Oakland Raiders’ new stadium is set to open this summer.

The 31-year-old told BT Sport: “People look at my fat belly and my bald head and they think I cannot fight.

“I had my mental problems and issues and I was out of the ring three years. But he was fighting the real Gypsy King this time.

“I expect he will want a rematch and I will have that. Great fights should have trilogies.

“And I want it here, just across the road, at the Raiders Stadium outdoors in front of 70,000.”

Fury vs Wilder LATEST: All the reaction after Gypsy King brutally destroys American

Fury’s promoter Frank Warren has confirmed that Team Wilder have told him they WILL accept the rematch in the next 30 days.

And that could dash dreams of an undisputed heavyweight clash against Anthony Joshua happening later this year.

The Metro reports that Wilder’s co-manager Shelly Finkel called Warren on Sunday morning to tell him they wanted to go again.

Warren said: “Shelly Finkel rang me the morning after the right to tell me they would probably invoke the immediate rematch.

“So that’s where we’re at right now. I’m assuming that the trilogy fight is going ahead.”


Fury though has already said who he wants to fight if the Wilder rematch doesn’t happen – and that is unsurprisingly his fellow Brit.

On a trip to the Los Angeles Raiders stadium, Fury told boxing reporter Michelle Joy Phelps: “If Deontay don’t want the rematch, let’s go AJ.”

After beating Wilder, Fury is now the holder of the WBC heavyweight belt, as well as the Ring Magazine belt.

Meanwhile, Joshua holds the other four – IBO, IBF, WBA and WBO – belts, as British reigns supreme across the heavyweight division.

But as SunSport reported, the Morecambe man has been urged to QUIT boxing following his stunning US success – by his father.

John Fury wants his son to spend more time with his family – wife Paris and their five children.

The 55-year-old told Good Morning Britain: “I want my son to retire now. He’s done enough.

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Watch Mike Tyson's wild celebrations as Fury destroys Wilder with 7th round TKO

“It’s been an uphill battle for him. He’s done enough. I want him to pack it in now.

“He’s 32 years old. He’s got a young family and I do believe his children deserve their father.

“He’s done enough and that’s my opinion.”

Coronavirus in Italien: Eindämmen war gestern

Der Plan, das Coronavirus auf China zu begrenzen, ist gescheitert. Wir stehen an der Schwelle zur Pandemie. Zeit, sich auf einen europaweiten Ausbruch vorzubereiten.

Onkologie in zehn Jahren - Krebs-Professor: Patienten werden mit Krebs genau so lange leben, als hätten sie keinen

Für FOCUS Online wirft Onkologe Wolfgang Knauf einen Blick in die Zukunft. Dank vieler neuer Ansätze gegen bösartige Tumoren ist er zuversichtlich, dass Krebs in zehn Jahren eine beherrschbare Erkrankung sein wird. Von Heilung würde er aber nicht sprechen.Von FOCUS-Online-Autorin Petra Apfel

Werteunion: Kritik an „politischer Keule“

Umstritten: Diego Faßnacht (r.) hatte Mitte Januar Ex-Verfassungsschutzpräsident Maaßen mit nach Gladbach geholt.

Umstritten: Diego Faßnacht (r.) hatte Mitte Januar Ex-Verfassungsschutzpräsident Maaßen mit nach Gladbach geholt.

CDU: Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer wirft Lars Klingbeil Schmutzkampagne vor

CDU-Chefin Kramp-Karrenbauer hat SPD-Generalsekretär Klingbeil aufgefordert, seine Kritik wegen des Verhältnisses der CDU zur AfD einzustellen. Andernfalls solle die SPD die Große Koalition verlassen.

Coronavirus: Vorbereitungen auf die Pandemie

Szene in einer chinesischen Bank, in der Banknoten gezählt werden.

In Italien, Iran und Südkorea schließt sich das Fenster: An der weltweiten Ausbreitung des Coronavirus zweifelt kaum noch ein Experte. Und doch ist es zu früh, über Millionen Opfer weltweit zu spekulieren.

„Wir sind schon lange kein Vorreiter mehr“

Der einstige Saubermann der Umweltpolitik versagt im Klimaschutz. Die Deutschen leben auf zu großem Fuß.

RHONY Bethenny Frankel sells her seven-bedroom Hamptons home for $2.28 million weeks after selling Soho apartment

REAL Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel has sold her seven-bedroom Hamptons house for a cool $2.28 million.

The Bravo star made a nice little profit on the property after she purchased the Bridgehampton home for $2.03 million back in 2017.

Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel has sold her seven-bedroom Hamptons home for a cool $2.28 million[/caption]

According to The Post, the 4,239 square feet property had been on the market for $2.99 million.

But entrepreneur Bethenny, 49, eventually accepted a lower offer following recent renovations on the investment property.

The traditional, shingle-style home was built around 1910 and had formerly been operated as a bed and breakfast known as the Morning Glory House.

The new owners will now enjoy the wraparound veranda which opens to a foyer and a hand-carved staircase, a white marble wet bar and a double set of French doors that lead to the bluestone patio and swimming pool.

Bethenny Frankel
The Bravo star made a nice little profit on the property[/caption]

Bethenny Frankel
The former RHONY star purchased the Bridgehampton home for $2.03 million back in 2017[/caption]

Bethenny Frankel
The traditional, shingle-style home was built around 1910 but has modern renovations[/caption]

And the sale comes just weeks after Bethenny sold her two-bedroom Soho apartment in New York.

However she made a loss on that condo as she sold it for $3.65 million – compared to the $4.2 million she paid back in 2014.

Bethenny’s sales follows the revelation that the reality star only stayed on RHONY for the “astronomical” paycheck.

Bethenny Frankel
The stunning home had formerly been operated as a bed and breakfast known as the Morning Glory House[/caption]

Bethenny Frankel
The 4,239 square feet property had reportedly been on the market for $2.99 million[/caption]

Bethenny Frankel
The stunning home let in an ample amount of natural light[/caption]

She told Variety: “It no longer became this platform to promote my business.”

“It was really the paycheck, which was, you know, astronomical at that point. And so I was staying because of money.

“And I just thought to myself, a bartender, a high-class prostitute who’s making a lot of money, you gotta sometimes make a move, and just say, ‘Let me just do what feels right to me.’”

Bethenny Frankel said the "astronomical' paycheck was the only thing keeping her on RHONY
Getty - Contributor
Bethenny Frankel recently admitted the “astronomical’ paycheck was the only thing keeping her on RHONY[/caption]

Bethenny said of her decision to leave the long-time Bravo show: “Well, it’s exhausting and emotional"
Getty - Contributor
Bethenny said of her decision to leave the long-time Bravo show: “Well, it’s exhausting and emotional”[/caption]

Bethenny said of her decision to leave the long-time Bravo show: “Well, it’s exhausting and emotional.

“People across the franchise will tell you they develop anxiety, and it’s very stressful.

“And that’s not how I am in the relationships that I’ve cultivated over the years.”

Season 11 of the reality show saw Bethenny mourning the sudden loss of her on-again off-again boyfriend, Dennis Shields.

 Last season on RHONY saw Bethenny struggle with the death of her boyfriend Dennis Shields
Last season on RHONY saw Bethenny struggle with the death of her boyfriend Dennis Shields
 She was also dealing with a custody battle with her ex Jason Hoppy
She was also dealing with a custody battle with her ex Jason Hoppy

She was also still embroiled in a long-time custody battle with her ex Jason Hoppy, the father of her nine-year-old daughter, Bryn.

More recently, she’s been enjoying a blossoming relationship with film producer and real estate executive boyfriend, Paul Bernon.

More recently Bethenny's been dating film producer and real estate executive, Paul Bernon
More recently Bethenny’s been dating film producer and real estate executive, Paul Bernon[/caption]

She said the emotional toll the show the show took didn’t outweigh her other priorities.

“So if we’re just showing me having lunches and on vacations, then I’ve got three jobs — because I’ve got to be a mother too.”

“I just felt like I have to kind of really spend my time focusing on business, my daughter, philanthropy.”


Geordie War

Geordie Shore’s Bethan Kershaw and Beau Brennan split

Living the high wife

Inside Real Housewives of Chesire's Tanya Bardsley's mansion

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Netflix fans disgusted as Love Is Blind’s Jessica shares glass of wine with dog


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final scene

Better Call Saul fans stunned as late Breaking Bad star makes surprise cameo

Bethenny is now set to star in a new reality competition show titled The Big Shot with Bethenny.

The show will feature contestants competing for a coveted spot on the Skinnygirl founder’s executive team.

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Hannover: Bewachung von Clan-Patient kostete mindestens 900 000 Euro

Der 35-Jährige aus Montenegro war wegen Schussverletzungen behandelt worden.

Neuer Inhalt

In der MHH wird ein mutmaßliches Clan-Mitglied mit Schussverletzungen behandelt.

Richtigen Standort finden - Lautsprecher einrichten: 10 Tipps für den perfekten Sound zu Hause

Die Lautsprecher, das System oder die Wohnsituation. Der Klang von Musik wird enorm von äußeren Einflüssen bestimmt – und zwar meistens bevor die Gehörgänge erreicht werden. Dabei geht jede Menge Qualität auf dem Weg von der Anlage zum Ohr verloren.

Panne bei der Datenschutzbeauftragten

Dort, wo die Daten am sichersten sein sollten, wurden nun Beschwerden von Berliner Bürgern gelöscht. Die Hintergründe sind unklar.

Huawei Mate Xs: Überarbeitetes Faltphone kommt nach Deutschland

Ein verbessertes Scharnier soll Huawei Foldable Mate Xs widerstandsfähiger machen. Das Smartphone kommt ohne Google-Dienste

Mate Xs angeschaut: Huawei bringt faltbares Smartphone mit verbessertem Gelenk

Das Mate X ist in Deutschland bisher nicht erhältlich, Huawei hat aber schon ein neues Modell vorgestellt: Das Mate Xs ist bis auf das Scharnier und das SoC baugleich zum Vorgänger, das neue Gelenk wirkt etwas stabiler als beim Mate X - mit Google-Apps kommt das Smartphone aber nicht. Von Tobias Költzsch (Huawei, Smartphone)

Kurioses bei Biathlon-WM: „Göttin Doro“, Tortenschlachten, Goldauto

Hinterließ einen bleibenden Eindruck in Antholz: Biathletin Dorothea Wierer

Die Weltmeisterschaft der Biathleten in Italien ist zu Ende. Zurück bleiben Erinnerungen an Glanzmomente und bitterste Enttäuschungen, Fragen nach einer Polizeirazzia im Morgengrauen – und jede Menge Anekdoten.

Disney+ startet mit Vorab-Anmeldung - 10 Euro Rabatt auf das Jahresabo zum Start

Disney+ hat die Vorab-Anmeldung zum neuen Streamingdienst freigeschaltet. Wer sich jetzt schon für ein Jahr Disney+ entscheidet, kann 10 Euro auf das Jahresabo sparen und zahlt nur noch 59,99 Euro anstatt 69,99 Euro für ein ganzes Jahr. Wir haben die Details für Sie zusammengefasst.Von Simone Finkel

Gregg Wallace weight loss – how MasterChef star shed 3st and STILL enjoyed McDonald’s

GREGG Wallace will be getting togged up in a significantly smaller suit tonight as he returns to screens for the new series of MasterChef.

That’s because the TV chef, 55, has shed an impressive three stone in the past year – after ballooning to a hefty 16½st following years gorging on calorie-laden meals.

Gregg has showcased his impressive weight loss on social media

And Gregg hasn’t held back when it comes to showcasing his incredible body transformation on social media – having shared a string of topless snaps of his trim torso on Instagram.

The foodie, from Peckham, London, has shed the weight through a variety of weight loss techniques including hitting the gym and cutting out booze and fry-ups.

However, Gregg recently admitted that he still indulged in the odd McDonald’s meal or KFC bargain bucket while trying to lose weight.

Here, we take you through the main ways Gregg has blitzed his body fat…and kept it off.

1. Eating hearty meals

Gregg has been making healthier versions of his favourite meals, or ‘fakeaways’, to shape up.

He told The Sun: “I’m a huge fan of curries, chillies and stews and it is still possible to lose weight and eat hearty meals.

Gregg will be back on screens with his co-star John Torode in MasterChef tonight
WARNING: Use of this image is subject to the terms of use of BBC Pictures' Digital Picture

“Think about cooking with meats such as chicken and pork — all the things that don’t have much fat.

“Use lean mince to make chillies, fill up with tasty stews stuffed full of healthy, low-calorie veg.”

2. Ditching booze and fry-ups

Gregg, who was previously a Weight Watchers ambassador, has given up alcohol and his daily fry up in order blitz his body fat.

“I made a conscious decision to cut down on fried and high sugar foods, as well as booze — which helped me lose weight,” he said. 

“When I was at my biggest I was having a daily fry up, fish and chips once per week, takeaway a couple more times and drinking beer nearly every day. At first, I felt like I was missing out.

“But my body got used to what I was giving it and yours will too.”

3. Hitting the gym

As well as changing his diet and cutting back on alcohol, Gregg has dramatically upped his exercise regime.

He told The Sun that he’s in the gym “most mornings”, adding: “It has been a gradual lifestyle change. I now feel fit and strong because of it. But only you can move yourself into a healthier place.”

Gregg says he hits the gym ‘most mornings’

Gregg has also been working closely with his personal trainer Danny Rai doing a combination of cardio and weights.

Gregg can now squat holding 130kg of weights and can bench-press 105kg.

4. Tracking his weight loss

Gregg has revealed he writes down what he’s eating and drinking to make sure he’s staying on track with his healthy eating regime.

He said: “Free apps, such as My Fitness Pal, are great for this. It will teach you about nutrition and help you stay on track.”

5. Having a big breakfast

Gregg says he always makes sure he has a big breakfast to keep him energised throughout the day.

“I always eat breakfast as I’ve just come out of gym and I’m ravenous for protein,” he revealed to Radio Times.

Gregg makes sure he always has breakfast after going to the gym
Refer to Caption

“I have boiled eggs, brown bread with chicken sausages or smoked fish on Ryvita with horseradish.”

It comes after it was revealed that eating a big breakfast could help you lose weight quicker – and may prevent obesity and high blood sugar.

6. Still having a treat

Gregg is all for making sure he doesn’t deprive himself of his favourite foods.

In particular, he recently told The Daily Mirror that he won’t say no to a trip to McDonald’s or KFC.

He said: “I still love a Big Mac and a KFC bargain bucket. I don’t agree with diets.

Gregg still treats himself to a KFC or a McDonald’s
Refer to Caption

Gregg's top weight loss tips

  • Decide what meals to have as a family, write them down and stick to it. This will help you remain on track and budget accordingly.
  • Check your cupboards and fridge before you go shopping and write a list. Stick to what is on it.
  • Don’t shun frozen foods. They’re good quality and are invariably cheaper. So always put these on your supermarket shopping list.
  • Sit at the table to eat and try to do this as a family. Mealtimes should be sociable, enjoyable occasions when possible.
  • If you’re working or out and about for the day, try and take a lunchbox or pre-empt what snacks you might need. This could save you hundreds of pounds.
  • Write down what you’re eating and drinking. Free apps, such as My Fitness Pal, are great for this. It will teach you about nutrition and help you stay on track.
  • Exercise. Breaking a sweat is important to good health. It will leave you feeling energised.

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“Healthy eating has crept up on me. I’ve never been happier or fitter.’

Gregg is urging fellow slimmers not to completely ditch the foods they like if they’re trying to lose weight.

He said: “Don’t cut out things you like – it will just make you miserable.”

Geordie Shore’s Bethan Kershaw and Beau Brennan split and unfollow each other on Instagram

GEORDIE Shore’s Bethan Kershaw and Beau Brennan have officially split.

The pair met in 2019 as part of the cast for the MTV reality show and hit it off immediately, but after a series of onscreen rows, the two have called time on their relationship and unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Geordie Shore’s Bethan Kershaw and Beau Brennan split and unfollow each other on Instagram

The blonde beauty, 25, joined the show for it’s nineteenth series last year alongside three other new cast members Beau Brennan, 25,  Tahlia Chung, 22, and Natalia Phillips, 32.

From the get go she made it clear that she found the tatted hunk attractive and after getting to know each other in the house they couldn’t ignore their feelings towards each other.

The pair have had some serious bust-ups whilst they’ve been together, including one which resulted in Bethan quitting the show in November 2019.

The two have since deleted all traces of their romance off Instagram and unfollowed each other on the social media platform – and a source has confirmed that they’ve called time on their relationship.

The pair went on holiday together to Antalya, Turkey, shortly after finishing series 19[/caption]

A source told the Sun Online: “It’s over – they’re not together any more.”

The latest series of the reality show began filming in October 2019 and welcomed the arrival of new cast member The X Factor star Amelia Lily, 25.

Whilst filming for the twenty first series of the show, Bethan stormed out of the show’s house and left the MTV production high and dry.

Our insider said: “Bethan and Beau got into a heated argument and things escalated really quickly.

Bethan has known cast mate Chloe Ferry for years and have been bestfriends before the show[/caption]

During series 19 the tatted hunk kissed fellow cast mates Abbie Holborn and Tahlia Chung[/caption]

“It was one of the worst rows they have ever had – really explosive stuff. In the end, Bethan was very emotional and just walked. She’s had enough.”

The source added that “producers are scrambling to try and get her to change her mind.

“The bosses are panicking because she is a great cast member and they really don’t want to lose her.

“The romance between her and Beau has been a key storyline, so they are desperate for her to come back.

The final episode of series 19 brought the pair close together and they finally decided to commit to each other[/caption]

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“They are hopeful that once she’s calmed down, she will see sense and start filming again.”

But it seems that Bethan and Beau aren’t the only two who haven’t got on for the latest season – newbie Amelia Lily, who will be seen on air this year – fell out with longtime star Chloe Ferry.

The Geordie girls had been to be broken up by producers after they got into a barney at Powerhouse nightclub, although they now appear to be on better terms.

MTV and Bethan’s team have been contacted for comment on the split.

How Chelsea will line-up against Bayern Munich with Lampard facing selection headache over Giroud and Abraham

CHELSEA boss Frank Lampard has a tough few days on his hands as he prepares to lead his side out against Bayern Munich.

The Blues take on the German giants in the Champions League last-16 first-leg at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday night.

How Chelsea could line-up against Bayern Munich on Tuesday

Lampard watched his side scrap their way to an impressive – and highly important – 2-1 win over top-four rivals Tottenham on Saturday.

And they did so thanks to two players who looked all-but certain to quit last month – Olivier Giroud and Marcos Alonso.

Blues boss Lampard will now need to decide whether to stick with those two or pick what is arguably his strongest XI come 8pm.

Willy Caballero looks set to keep his place between the sticks after impressing since Kepa Arrizabalaga lost his place owing to poor form.

LADBROKES 1-2-FREE Simply predict Liverpool, Man Utd and Man City scores this coming weekend and win £100

Reece James should start at right-back in a back-four – after Lampard dallied with a back-three/five at the weekend.

Cesar Azpilicueta is almost certain to start on the left with Antonio Rudiger in the middle.

Andreas Christensen, who started against Spurs, will fight it out with Kurt Zouma for the other centre-back spot on Tuesday.

N’Golo Kante is still out injured, while Ruben Loftus-Cheek is still battling his way back to full fitness.



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Rudiger says 'racists won' as he's booed by Spurs fans after failed abuse probe


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That means Mateo Kovacic, Jorginho and Mason Mount are set to start in the middle of the park – with Ross Barkley back on the bench.

Willian and Callum Hudson-Odoi are set to start on the wings, with Christian Pulisic facing a race against time to be fit.

Tammy Abraham is likely to grab his starting spot back from Giroud, despite the Frenchman’s goal against Tottenham, now he is fully fit again.

Christian Lindner: FDP-Politiker fordern von ihrer Partei "rote Linien" zur AfD

Die FDP bangt um ihren Wiedereinzug in die Hamburger Bürgerschaft. Intern gibt es aber vor allem Diskussionen um Christian Lindners Umgang mit dem "Dammbruch" von Erfurt.

Inside Real Housewives of Chesire’s Tanya Bardsley’s mansion with huge kitchen, walk in wardrobe and amazing staircase

AFTER a long day on set of The Real Housewives of Cheshire Tanya Bardsley can put her feet up and relax at her family home.

The former glamour model, 38, shares her beautiful mansion with husband and professional footballer Phillip Bardsley, 34, and their four kids Gabriella, Rocco, Renz and Ralphi.

Inside Real Housewives of Chesire’s Tanya Bardsley’s lavish £2m mansion with huge kitchen, walk in wardrobe and amazing staircase

The footballers wife, who recently lost half a stone in a month by quitting booze, regularly posts pictures of herself to Instagram which give an insight into her private life when the cameras aren’t rolling.

With huge amounts of space in her pad, Tanya has decorated her home head to toe in the most glamorous bits and pieces.

After the cameras stop rolling, the beauty can relax on one of her silver velvet crushed sofas, cuddled up to her four children.

Her kitchen boasts sparkling white work tops and contrasting black cupboards, as well as a huge flat screen TV to watch herself on the big screen.

Tanya can cuddle up to her three sons on her comfy sofa
The former glamour model has got matching velvet textured cushions for her sofa
Tanya also shares her home with Buzz the bulldog

Her kitchen has a simple and sophisticated feel to it[/caption]

In one of her many living/dining rooms, the Celebs On The Ranch star has kept to her favourite colour scheme of silver and grey.

When the family are catching up with each other during dinner time, the six of them can dine in style on their classy grey dining table and matching velvet crushed chairs.

Keeping to the same vibe, Tanya has decorated one of her other rooms with similar sofas – but has opted for tile flooring and fluffy carpets.

The room also looks out onto her spacious garden and brings in enough natural light which will add so much to the room during the summer months.

Tanya regularly poses for photos in her dining room – which boasts an amazing table and chairs
Her home is kept pristine despite having four young children
Her living/dining room area has huge window doors that bring in a natural source of light
The star can catch up on all her Real Housewives drama on her flat screen TV
Any room in Tanya’s home is the perfect backdrop for an Insta pic

Moving upstairs, her house boasts a marvellous staircase which has a dark grey carpet running down the middle of it.

The star even has her own walk-in wardrobe which displays her love of designer brands.

One of her bathrooms is very simple, with a white marble wall and luxurious shower.

The master bedroom has a king sized bed which has a grey velvet crushed headboard.

Her staircase has a dark grey carpet running down the middle of it

She also has cream carpets on the second floor of her amazing home[/caption]

Her walk-in wardrobe is kept very organised and has mirrored doors[/caption]

One of Tanya’s bathrooms has white marble tiling

She has a grey coloured velvet crushed headboard[/caption]

The former glamour model is most known for her ongoing role on ITV2’s The Real Housewives of Cheshire which follows the lives of a group of women who live in one of the UK’s most affluent areas.

Tanya started her career in the public eye as a glamour girl and was pictured in various lads magazines.

Her natural beauty soon caught the eye of Burney footballer Phil Bardsley and the pair tied the knot in 2014.

Although everything looks picture perfect in her “dream home”, two years ago disaster struck when Tanya’s daughter narrowly escaped a devastating house fire which saw the family lose everything.

ITV Handout
Tanya has been on the show since it started in 2015[/caption]

PA:Press Association
The pair tied the knot in 2014 and now have four children together[/caption]

Their family home was destroyed by a freak fire after a mirrored TV caught fire.

Speaking about the freak accident, Tanya told The Sun Online: “It was awful. When we had the heatwave, the sun was shining into my bathroom. We had a mirrored TV and the sun … I have never even got this TV to work and it exploded and set the roof on fire.”

She added: “My daughter, who is 16, was in and was just about to go in the treadmill downstairs and had put her earphones in.

“Gabriella rang me; she was in the street in her pyjamas shouting ‘fire, fire, fire’.

Tanya and her four children Gabriella, Rocco, Renz and Ralphi[/caption]

“I was just like ‘what do you mean?’, you don’t expect it. I thought it was a little thing. I told her to ring our caretaker but she was like ‘no mum, the house is ON FIRE,'” she explained.

But despite being known for her flash lifestyle, Tanya – who has been married to Burnley player Phil since 2014 – isn’t worried about material things.

She told us:  “We have lost everything, but I am not even bothered about that. I was just so so grateful that my daughter was alright.

“Everyone kept saying about the house, but I was like ‘it doesn’t matter, it’s fine’. We’ve only lost material things, no sentimental stuff. So we are lucky in that way.”

Donald Trump: Aussage über Richard Grenell laut Botschaft Versprecher

Donald Trump will einen Nachfolger für seinen Botschafter in Deutschland ernennen - so jedenfalls hörte sich eine Aussage des US-Präsidenten an. Offenbar aber handelte es sich um einen Versprecher.

Lebensziel Millionär - Mann aus Halle leiht sich 2000 Euro – heute macht er 51 Millionen Euro Umsatz

Martin Menz leiht sich 2000 Euro und beginnt, auf Ebay Kopfmassagegeräte zu verkaufen. Er will mit dem Geschäft sein Lebensziel erreichen: Millionär werden. Wer Menz jetzt als realitätsfernen Träumer abstempelt, könnte falscher nicht liegen. Heute führt er fast 300 Mitarbeiter und macht 51 Millionen Euro im Jahr.

What type of cancer does Bill Turnbull have?

TV PRESENTER Bill Turnbull shot to fame as the face of BBC Breakfast.

However, the national treasure, 64, is battling cancer – here’s his story.

Bill Turnbull is battling cancer
Rex Features

What type of cancer does Bill Turnbull have?

Bill has incurable  prostate and bone cancer.

The prostate is a small, walnut-sized gland, that only men have and it sits around the urethra – the tube a bloke pees and ejaculates from – between the penis and the bladder.

The main point of the prostate is to produce the fluid which mixes with sperm to create semen – making it pretty vital for reproduction.

But, like all organs in the body, it can be invaded by cancer – when cells in the gland start to grow uncontrollably.

The TV star is not sure how much time he has left

When was Bill Turnbull diagnosed?

Bill Turnbull was diagnosed with cancer in November 2017 while filming for the celebrity special of The Great British Bake Off which is in aid of Stand Up To Cancer.

He had his prostate tested aged 40 and 50.

However he was 61 when he was diagnosed and hadn’t seen a GP for four years.

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How did Bill Turnbull support Stand Up To Cancer in 2019?

When he was diagnosed in 2017, Bill’s consultant was hopeful that he would live for another 18 years.

However in 2019 he revealed he does not know how much time he has left and the cancer has spread to his bones.

He has had nine rounds of chemo therapy and is having injections of a tumour-busting radioactive substance, Radium 223.





Sonderparteitag am 25. April: Kandidaten für CDU-Vorsitz wollen sich in dieser Woche erklären

CDU-Vorsitzende Kramp-Karrenbauer am Montag in Berlin mit dem Hamburger CDU-Spitzenkandidaten Marcus Weinberg

Bei einem Sonderparteitag schon Ende April will die CDU ihren neuen Vorsitzenden bestimmen. Dessen Wahl sei ein ganz klares „Präjudiz“ für die Kanzlerkandidatur, sagte Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer.

Sir Keir Starmer hints he would bring back EU free movement at next general election

LABOUR leadership frontrunner Sir Keir Starmer hinted today he would bring back EU freedom of movement at the next general election.

Sir Keir suggested he would fight to bring back a Norway-style relationship with the bloc with looser immigration control.

Sir Keir has hinted he will bring back free movement
Getty Images - Getty

When asked if he would argue for a Norway-style deal with the EU, the favourite for leader, Sir Keir said “we will have to see what the situation is in 2024”.

He told the BBC: “Johnson has made a lot of promises about the deal he will get. We will have to see what it looks like.”

He added: “The basic premise that you don’t make it more difficult for businesses to do business seems so blindingly obvious to me that we should take their advice.”

He also promised to remove the salary thresholds as a bar to immigration into the UK.

He said: “I think the idea that if you don’t earn a certain salary, you are not bringing any worth to this country is offensive.

“I would (scrap the threshold) I do not think they are the right measure for the worth of an individual coming to this country.”

It is not the first time Sir Keir has argued for freedom of movement, just weeks ago when asked if he would fight to bring it back, he said “of course, bring back, argue for, challenge.”

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Britain-US trade deal would RAISE food standards in America, minister suggests

Freedom of movement will end at the end of 2020 and the UK’s new Aussie-style points based system will begin – including minimum salaries for migrants.

Sir Keir said: “The basic premise that you don’t make it more difficult for businesses to do business, it seems to be blindingly obvious to me that we should take their advice.”

Sir Keir is the favourite to win the Labour leadership election, as he faces off in the final round against Corbynista candidate Rebecca Long-Bailey and Wigan MP Lisa Nandy.

Whoever the next leader is, winning over Leave voters who handed the Conservatives a mammoth majority will be crucial to gaining any momentum behind the Labour party.

At a leadership event last month, he said he would fight “the wider case on immigration”.

He said: “We welcome migrants, we don’t scapegoat them. Low wages, poor housing, poor public services, are not the fault of people who come here: they’re political failure. So we have to make the case for the benefits of migration: for the benefits of free movement.

“I want people in this country to be able to go and work abroad, in Europe; and I want people in Europe to be able to come and work here. I want families to be able to live together – whether that’s in Europe, or here.”

Sir Keir is the frontrunner in the leadership race, facing off against Rebecca Long-Bailey and Lisa Nandy

Labour leadership timeline

January 7 – 13: candidates must secure 22 nominations from fellow MPs and MEPs

January 14 – 16: application period for registered Labour supporters

January 15 – February 14: candidates must get 33 nominations from CLPs or three from affiliated members, including two from trade unions

February 21 – April 2: ballot for registered Labour supporters open

April 4: Next Labour leader announced

Paar heiratet im Krankenhaus, damit die Großmutter dabei sein kann

Ehepaar Löffler: Nadine und Ludwig wollen nicht ohne die Oma heiraten, die im Krankenhaus lag.

Die Großmutter einer Braut aus dem bayerischen Burgkirchen war kurzfristig erkrankt. Um sie trotzdem bei der Hochzeit dabei zu haben, dachte das Paar sich etwas Besonderes aus.

FC Bayern - Müller offenbart, was nach Guardiola-Ära wirklich ablief

In einem tiefgründigen Interview verrät Thomas Müller, wie sehr das Spiel des FC Bayern nach dem Abgang von Pep Guardiola wirklich leidet. Die Dominanz hätten die Münchner weder mit Carlo Ancelotti noch Jupp Heynckes oder Niko Kovac zurückgewinnen können.

Airbnb bewirbt Überwachungs-Sensoren für Vermieter

Airbnb bewirbt Sensoren zur Überwachung von Wohnungen. Dank Lärmmessungen sollen Vermieter unter anderem verhindern, dass Mieter Partys feiern.

As Trump Barricades the Border, Legal Immigration Is Beginning to Plunge

President Trump’s border wall is beginning to rise, but a thick curtain of policy changes is more responsible for suppressing the flow of immigrants into the country.

Tara Battle, a nurse in Chicago, and her daughter find multiple policies are burdening, if not outright dividing, their family.

"Kein Grund zur Annahme, dass man in Deutschland Städte abriegeln muss"

Gerd Landsberg, Chef des Städte- und Gemeindebundes, sieht deutsche Kommunen gut vorbereitet. Im Interview sagt er, Maßnahmen wie in China seien "kaum denkbar".

Nachhaltigkeit: Industrieallianz will bis 2022 Akkusiegel einführen

Welche Rohstoffe stecken in einem Akku? Ist er ökologisch hergestellt? Ein Zertifikat soll künftig den Kunden darüber informieren. Ende 2022 soll der sogenannte Batteriepass fertig sein. (Umweltschutz, Technologie)