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(The Last) Transformers (Original Mix)
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d(Space Travellers) Invaderz (Original Mix)
d(Spectra Sonics) Walk Away (Original Mix)
d(Spectra Sonics) It's Panic (Original Mix)
d(Spinal Fusion & Mystic) Science & Fiction (Original Mix)
d(Spiral Factor) Sonic Pirates (Original Mix)
d(Spiral Factor) The Signal (Original Mix)
d(Spirit Architect & Modual) Syncfloor (Original Mix)
d(Technology) Shanti Om (Original Mix)
d(Technology & Twelve Sessions) The Healer (Original Mix)
d(Technology) Symbiosis (Original Mix)
d(The Last) Transformers (Original Mix)
d(The Maniac) Praise The Acid
d(The Maniac) Computer Controlled
d(The Maniac) MK Ultra
d(The Maniac) Losing Sanity
d(The Maniac) Hypnogogic
d(The Maniac) Back To Psychosis
d(The Maniac) Acid In The Circuit
d(The Maniac) Corrosion
d(The Maniac) Overdose
d(The Maniac) A Treatise On Acid